Local Attractions


Some of Central Ohio's most unique attractions

Local Wineries:

Central Ohio is home to many wonderful wineries. McKee Farmhouse is a great setting to come home to as you take a central Ohio wine tour. 

Less than five miles from Stone Crest Vineyard.  Stone Crest Vineyard offers a variety of unique Ohio wines in a beautiful setting.

Raven's Glenn Winery, only 25 miles from the farm, is located in West Lafayette. The winery offers fine dining and a unique variety of Ohio wines.  

Amish Community:

Coshocton County is home to several growing Amish Communities. Local Amish Stores give visitors a glimpse of real Amish life.

Friendly Meadows is a unique Amish Grocery store in Walhonding, OH. Located on Route 36 between Millwood and New Castle.



Longaberger Homestead is just around the corner in Frazeysburg, OH 43822. 

Woodbury Wildlife Area

Zanesville Art Community & Famous Y Bridge

Dresden, Ohio

Black Hand Gorge State Nature Preserve

Blackhand Gorge State Nature Preserve  provides a lovely bike trail, a breathtaking display of spring wildflowers, and a spectacular narrow sandstone gorge.

McKee Farm boasts several varieties of beautiful wild flowers, birds and trees. 

230 acres of beautiful farmland and woods to explore.